Episode 80 The Bill and Kali Show from Wildrose Brewing Company Guest Charles Williams of CW Consulting Charles talks to us about his experience as a teacher, mentor and eventually administrator. He shares with us his idea, inspiration and motivation to start a consulting business that assists organizations and schools with planning, team building and goal setting. Excerpt from the CW Consulting website; Charles Williams has been an educator for nearly 15 years serving as a teacher, a mentor/lead teacher, an assistant principal, and a principal for urban students in grades K-12. Charles still serves as an educational administrator and is a member of several professional organizations including Great Expectations Mentoring (GEM), Men of Color in Education, the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), and the Illinois Principals Association (IPA). After presenting at numerous events including nationwide conferences, educational workshops, and fundraising events, Charles decided to launch CW Consulting – an organization focusing on helping institutions to unlock their potential and promising to deliver results. More information about CW Consulting can be found at https://www.cwconsultingservice.com/

The Bill and Kali Show recorded at Wildrose Brewing Company on Thursday, April 25. Bill Moran and Michael Puente discuss the roll social media has played in reporting the news. They discuss President Trump’s use of twitter as well as reporters use of twitter and other social media outlets.

We also discuss national and local news stories such as former and embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt now acting as a lobbyist for the coal industry to slow or stop NIPSCO shuttering its’ coal burning plants. We also discuss the coverage of the heart wrenching story form Crystal Lake, the murder of AJ Freund and the DCFS lack of action.

Michael and Bill also spend some time talking about stories from the Northwest Indiana area such as the approval the casino move in Gary and more.

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The Bill and Kali Show
 Guest Alaina Polen, Highland Poet Laureate
Alaina Polen discusses her love of poetry in her younger years and the revitalization of that love in her college years. She also discusses how she applied and ultimately was chosen to be Highland’s Poet Laureate Alaina discusses some the projects that lay before her. Please give a listen to this amazing young lady’s story. We were truly honored to have her as a guest on our show.
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Podcast Episode 43 Guest Laura Zaranski of Disposable Improv EP 43
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