The Bill and Kali Show Podcasts

Guest host Brianne Coleman leads a group of panelist comprised of domestic violence and rape survivors in a candid discussion. This segment was originally recorded and broadcast last year. Within the near future, we will air the second segment in this series.
Please note that the content of this program is graphic. Discretion should be used.
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The Bill and Kali Show
 Guest Alaina Polen, Highland Poet Laureate
Alaina Polen discusses her love of poetry in her younger years and the revitalization of that love in her college years. She also discusses how she applied and ultimately was chosen to be Highland’s Poet Laureate Alaina discusses some the projects that lay before her. Please give a listen to this amazing young lady’s story. We were truly honored to have her as a guest on our show.
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Podcast Episode 43 Guest Laura Zaranski of Disposable Improv EP 43
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