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‘My Journey From Boxing Ring to Boardroom’ 5 Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership by Hector Colon

Hector Colon – My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom

Hector visits with us about his incredible journey from a challenging life in the inner city of Milwaukee to his time on the US Boxing Team and finally to his current position as the President and CEO of one of the largest non-profit organizations in the midwest. 

He talks to us about the 5 essential virtues that he holds at the core of his life to make him who is is today and to be a servant leader within his organization and in the community.

  • Magnanimity – striving for greatness
  • Humility – putting others first
  • Courage – willing to take risks
  • Perseverance – never giving up
  • Temperance – practicing restraint

You can find out more about Hector Colon and his book at his website

What they have to say about My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom…..

If you want inspiration then you owe it to yourself to read Héctor Colón’s life story. From humble beginnings to a champion boxer to the boardroom, Héctor weaves a wonderful story about life’s challenges and rewards. —

Howard Behar, Retired President of the Starbucks Coffee Company

The greatest victories of the American Dream are not those born from privilege or luck. In From Boxing Ring to Boardroom, Héctor Colón demonstrates through his own story that the true secrets to earned success are hard work, character, integrity, service, and a deep-seated faith in a better future. If you’re looking for a model for building a successful life and career, read this book. —

Arthur C. Brooks, author of Love Your Enemies, president emeritus, American Enterprise Institute & Professor of Practice, Harvard Kennedy School and Faculty Fellow, Harvard Business School

It’s a true story about grit and persistence…and faith. A must-read for those who want to better themselves and the world around them…and especially pertinent in our world today. —

Craig Culver, Co-Founder/Co-Worker, Culver s Restaurant

His book is also available on Amazon ‘My Journey from Boxing Ring to the Boardroom’

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