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#236 Connections Restored with Amiee Boswinkel

#236 Connections Restored with Amiee Boswinkel 

Connections Restored TV with host Amiee Boswinkle and Guest Chris Thomas Episode 26
This episode is brought to you by Connections Restored
SO excited for Episode 26 of Connections Restored TV an affiliate of The Bill and Kali Show Thursday , September 24th at 7 pm CDT!
Episide 26 is a VERY special episode. Statistics show the rise of addictions and alcohol consumption has increased exponentially since March of 2020 with the current Pandemic, Riots and other experiences affecting so many individuals and families.
I found an inspirational and motivational guest speaker for this weeks episode of Connections Restored TV.
This week, I’m so excited to share a candid interview of the path from addiction to recovery with guest expert Chris Thomas.
Chris Thomas is an inspirational man who has traveled the path of addiction for more than 20 years using alcohol, cocaine and other drugs to try and free himself from an emotional prison cell of pain and torture.
Chris accrued multiple DUI’s and multiple prison sentences before arriving at recognizing something needed to change.
After multiple attempts at seeking recovery and failing, Chris arrived at a crossroads that changed the trajectory of his life.
Today, Chris finds peace within his mind so he sees it in his life by connecting to the importance of physical fitness, cultivating and deepening his relationships with his father and his 19 year old son, connecting to nature and connecting to his higher power.
Learn in this weeks episode how Chris chooses recovery every day, how much his life has improved and what habits he created to make his healthy lifestyle sustainable to him tomorrow, September 24, 2020 at 7 pm CST on The Bill and Kali Show page.
You don’t want to miss this episode if you or someone you love is currently suffering from the painful prison cell of addiction.
Have a great day friends. ❤️

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