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The Bill and Kali Show News: Tal Collins of ‘Katie’s Kampaign’ – Portage Recovery Association News: PRA Open Workshop March 14, 2020 & PRA Private Dragonfly Coffee & Canvas Saturday March 21, 2020 Brought to you by Brown Insurance Group

(March 6, 2020 Hammond, IN) Tal Collins stops in at Studio A to talk about ‘Katie’s Kampaign’. Katie’s Kampaign is an organization that provides support to those who are struggling with mental illness or addiction.

From Katie’s Kampaign Facebook Page

Katie’s Kampaign is here to support those who fight, comfort the families that have lost, and spread the awareness to the world. There is no case to small. You may feel alone but know YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. This site is a place to reach out to the community for support. Reach out and feel the light of the community, you can soon see that the war you are fighting inside, you have allies and you are not the only one!

Katie’s Kampaign is more than a group or organization, it is a support team, a family. We are aimed to helping with addiction, mental illness, depression or any demons that weigh the soul. Katie’s Kampaign is built on the work and impression of one beautiful soul. Katie Sitzes IS the inspiration to many. Over the course of several years Katie faced her inner demons head on. Struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety and addiction. She fought and fought hard, even when she couldn’t motivate herself to go on, she stood tall and help others up. She was a rock and shoulder when anyone needed her.

Portage Recovery Association (PRA) News

We are excited to share a little information with her friends at a free event that includes coffee and baked goods. Four speakers will share their experience about the topics listed in this flyer. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous, and the essentials: sponsorship, home group, responsibility pledge, and recovery fellowship.

Lucky Dragonfly Coffee & Canvas. Sunday February 23, 2020 from 12 PM to 3 PM
Did you know if a Dragonfly lands on your head it is considered lucky? Or that dragon flies have been around for over 300 million years?? or Prehistoric dragonflies had a wing span of 2 1/2 feet! Too cool!
Doors open at 11:30 AM and we start painting as close to 12 PM as possible so come early and get your seats! we will be at the PRA 5965 McCasland Ave, Portage, IN 46368

We provide everything you need: canvas, paint, apron easels, baby wipes, Bryn’s easy to follow instructions, even the coffee, to create this lasting memory!!

$35 per painter registration is required!
Call 219-325-8080, online at, or stop by the HotSpot Cafe 602 Lincolnway to pay for your reservations

All classes are NON-REFUNDABLE.

The Bill & Kali Show View All

A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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