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175th The Bill and Kali Show Next Week

175 Shows!

It’s pretty hard to believe we have produced over 160 shows in 18 months. Now that we will be producing a morning news show, we will be at 200 shows in the near future.

What do we do?

We produce content that is engaging, entertaining and enlightening (Ex3). We are driven to provide good content that is not driven by media metrics such as FaceBook views. When someone watches a Facebook video for three seconds, that counts as a view. Do we want to be driven by a three second view or by someone casually scrolling by (that also counts as a view)? For that reason, we concentrate on valid and engaging content that is supportive of our guests and their mission, not mindlessly disruptive or provocative activities that are intended to drive views up.

Our core practice is to look for organizations or individuals who do wonderful things for their community or people in need in the Chicagoland area or beyond and invite them to be guests on our show. If you or your organization are doing good things, or you have a story to tell we will find you! We have skills!

These are just an example of the topics we cover….

Times and Dates Our shows are pre-recorded;
Mondays 10 am, 11 am & 1pm
Tuesdays 10 am, 11 am & 1 pm
Wednesdays 10 am

We produce from a minimum of 4 to 7 shows per week.

We release our shows daily. We are expanding the number of shows and locations. We travel all around the Chicagoland area and the midwest recording our show on-location or in our studio. We go where people are doing wonderful things.

Our show is produced and recorded from the new “The Bill and Kali Show” Studio A located in the ExecutiveSuites2 at 2901 Carlson Dr, Hammond IN.

We are on
YouTube “The Bill and Kali Show
Twitter @billandkalishow

Our website:
Instagram bill_and_kali

You can listen to us on Spotify and iTunes as well.

If you would like to be on The Bill and Kali Show call us at (219)405-5711 or email us at

The Bill & Kali Show View All

A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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