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What’s Up on The Bill and Kali Show this Week? Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes… Don’t worry you won’t have to turn to face the strain…It’s all good…..From Video on Time to Content on Demand. What the… What?!

When we started this thing called The Bill and Kali Show, heck we didn’t know what to do. We did get plenty advise! Joe said “Oh you guys have to do it this way” and Sam said “But they do it this way so you have to do it that way” Then George couldn’t keep his yapper shut so he said “I think this is what people want! Do it this way.” So we are not sure that Joe, Sam or George listen or watch our shows. So after Bill and Kali have been doing this thing for a little over a year they looked back and collectively said “Screw that nonsense. Why did we listen to those jokers anyway?”

So Bill and Kali went on a mission to find out how people get their news and shows. After all they have this big fancy studio now with some pretty teched up digs and can just about do anything….well almost …. within reason. So they asked people how they get their info and watch shows. You wanna know what the people said? Well we’re going to tell cuz why the heck did we roll up this ball of wax and why are you reading it in the first place? So here is what the folks said…. They want their info and shows when they are damn well ready to view their shows and read their news, not a damn moment before or after! They were pretty emotional and jazzed up about it too. They said “We don’t want some joker tellin us when we are going to watch a show or read the news!” Usually this was followed by profanity that we will not write here. We can not stress how cranked up they were about the subject. Almost to the point of throwing things and having a hissy fit. So Bill and Kali started singing……Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

So boys and girls or whatever you identify as (Bill and Kali love you no matter what), today we will deliver a post that will contain a video of our show accompanied by a narrative of who is in on the show and what they are talking about. In addition we will throw in some other news as well. You know stuff that is relevant that is meaningful and affects you and your neighbor.

If you like our Facebook page, follow our twitter or follow our webpage, you will notice a difference. If you subscribe to our YouTube Channel or listen to us on Spotify or iTunes, nothing will change there.

We are pretty sure that most of you will understand and like the change. Let us know….We are always looking for feedback.

Have a great day! Bill and Kali send you their love!

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A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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