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Thank You for a Great 2019! See You in 2020. New Shows Start January 6

Thank You for a Great 2019! See You in 2020
Thank You for a Great 2019! See You in 2020

This week we will be busy producing shows for the upcoming year. New schedule to start January 6th.

What do we have planned for 2020?

In 2020 our goal is to build a platform that is the foundation for quality and relevant content that supports and promotes organizations and individuals that selflessly support their communities. We will also produce shows that are purely entertaining. Seriously, with Kali Rasala involved, how can it not be entertaining?

Be it in Milwaukee, Chicago, Michiana, up in the UP, or beyond, we will be producing shows that are meaningful, informative and/or entertaining. Our primary goal is to deliver quality, relevant and supportive content. Producing a daily show is NOT our primary goal although it may happen eventually if we can do so in with quality, supportive and relevant content.

Just a sample of what you will find when you tune into The Bill and Kali Show in 2020

Arianna Baiz – Outreach Director for Learner and Rowe shares the history of the firm as well as their unwavering commitment to the communities Lerner and Rowe serves.

Members of the Chicago Honey Bears visit with us about the history of the Chicago Bear’s cheer squad. They share how George Halas instituted the Honey Bears Cheerleaders during the 70s when the NFL team had great difficulty fielding a winning team. Renee Halverson Wright, a former member of the cheerleading squad, talks about a book she co-authored with Carolyn Caruso Jollette (another form member of the squad) “Missing from the Sidelines”

The Backpack Project – Pack the Kindness was inspired by Ryan who at the age of 10, recognized the homeless problem in the city of Chicago.

We will be joined by Ryan and his mother to get the details of the Backpack Project, lead by this amazing young man.

Ryan thought of a way to help by filling a backpack full of necessities to give to someone in need. Today, a team of friends and family have joined him by assisting in packing and distributing backpacks full of essentials. Ryan feels that it is important that these backpacks are distributed to as many displaced individuals as time and resources allow while meeting them face to face, introducing himself and having a conversation with each person.

Founder Angie Arreola joins us to talk about her organization that provides quality one-on-one parent coaching sessions and group workshops to help set families up for success. To help youth learn useful social and emotional skills, as well as effective coping skills for when “life” happens.

Wende Burbridge, Director of Development for Habitat for Humanity of NWI visits with us about two projects they will be working on in 2020, 2020 Women Build and a Faith Build in partnership with Thrivent. In addition, we will be putting together another live event in January

Tentatively we are planning another live event in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of NWI. Stay tuned!

keep up to date on our show schedule and view our past shows, like our Facebook Page The Bill and Kali Show or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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