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National Weather Service Outlook for Saturday, December 21th for Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis and Michiana

National Weather Outlook


Our dry and mild weather will continue right into Christmas Day. There is a small chance for light rain Wednesday afternoon, but this should stay mainly north of Milwaukee and Madison.
The official start to astronomical winter arrives on Saturday, December 21st, at 10:19PM CST. This is when the northern hemisphere is tilted the furthest away from the sun and marks the shortest period of daylight of the year. Following this each will gradually gain more daylight.
The recent cold has allowed ice to form on some inland lakes of southern Wisconsin. However warmer, above seasonal normal temperatures will continue right through the Christmas holiday. Temperatures on Sunday, December 22nd will get close to record levels. The warm temperatures will weaken the ice and likely cause it to shrink or break apart. Stay safe this holiday, and avoid venturing out on the ice until cold weather returns.
Christmas Day Statistics for Milwaukee and Madison. Christmas Day 2019 is looking mild with a small chance for light rain.
Milwaukee Live Radar


Despite the calendar saying it’s late December and astronomical winter officially beginning this evening, the big story will be the lack of any winter weather through Christmas. This will make for good travel conditions for the busy holiday travel period. Many locations are likely to top out around 50 on Sunday and into the 50s on Monday. Conditions in the evening will also be comfortable relatively speaking for this time of year for outdoor holiday activities. Looking ahead into next weekend, the mild weather will continue. In addition, long range signs are pointing toward the potential for the first noteworthy precipitation event of the month..
The Winter Solstice at 10:19 PM CST this evening marks the beginning of astronomical Winter. Today is the shortest day of the year, though the earliest sunset of the year actually occurs in early to mid December. The latest sunrises of the winter happen from New Year’s Eve through the first week of January. From today until the 2020 Summer Solstice on June 20th, we’ll add over 6 hours of daylength!
Chicago Radar


Dry weather is expected through the weekend and through most of next week. Temperatures will continue to slowly warm through the weekend with coldest temperatures along I-70 where the snow will stick around the longest.
Indianapolis Radar


High clouds will diminish this morning leaving mostly sunny skies for the day. Temperatures will continue to moderate through the weekend with highs in the mid to upper 40s for Sunday and Monday. Average highs for the date are in the mid 30s. Dry weather will persist through at least the middle of next week.
Michiana Radar

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