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The Future

We took advantage of this long weekend to analyze our viewer data and support we have received from our supporters and sponsors.

Our goal has always been to provide meaningful content that is supportive of the community for which we live. We try not to be driven by views because at the end of the day a video can have extremely damaging content, yet receive an extremely large amount of views. Unfortunately “views” drives the platform and marketplace that our show resides in.

Please know that we will not sacrifice the quality of our content. We feel that we would be continuously chasing our tails if we entered that game. Most importantly, we would not be serving our community.

Look for some drastic changes to take place in the future.

We will quote one of our largest supporters and sponsors “We are sponsoring you because The Bill and Kali Show supports organizations that do good work for our community.”

Look for some drastic changes!

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A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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