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The Bill and Kali Show with Mario Mendoza, MD, MS and Founder,

Next week we will be visiting with Dr. Mendoza about his organization Life Undocumented. Dr. Mendoza will share his experience as a once undocumented immigrant as well as share the story of how he retired from a extremely successful practice as physician to undertake the making of a powerful and compelling documentary.

Dr. Mendoza is the Founder of the nonprofit organization,, and the executive producer of a self-funded documentary (An Undocumented Immigrant Story: Immigrant Data and 1986 Amnesty) that speaks to his personal story as an undocumented immigrant and to published data on undocumented immigration.

In 1981, at 7 years of age, Mario traversed the US-Mexican border on foot during 12 hours overnight. He ran across the Mexican desert (with a coyote), escaping life-threatening circumstances in a civil war-torn El Salvador. His mother had been working to improve teachers’ rights, and so was being threatened by the government, but the family’s political asylum application was denied. 

His mission through is three-fold: to speak up for and to humanize the undocumented immigrant through their stories; to add inspiring undocumented immigrant stories to the media rhetoric, and to support immigration policy that is reasonable and data-based. 

Dr. Mario R Mendoza is a clinical anesthesiologist (practiced at the NIH) and currently a healthcare and medical affairs industry consultant with over 13 years of combined experience in patient clinical care, clinical development, R&D, medical affairs, and FDA medical devices regulation.

Dr. Mendoza earned his BS degree in chemistry from SUNY College at Old Westbury, and a MS in organic chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He earned his M.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and then completed an FDA Commissioner’s Fellowship.

You can find more information about Life Undocumented at

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