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Episode 98 The Bill and Kali Show with Guest Greg Renz, Hall of Fame Firefighter

Episode 98 The Bill and Kali Show with Guest Greg Renz, Hall of Fame Firefighter
Greg spends time with us talking about his career as a Milwalkee firefighter as well as an dramatic event in which he save two boys from a house fire. He also shares with us the story of his induction into the Wisconsin Fire and Police Hall of Fame.
Greg also spends sometime talking about his novel ‘Beneath the Flames’ which you can find on amazon
From Amazon “BENEATH THE FLAMES is an intimate combination of love, race, and life as an urban firefighter.
A fire in a neighboring farmhouse has young farmer and volunteer firefighter, Mitch Garner, blaming himself for the tragic outcome. He loses all hope of forgiving himself. His only hope for redemption is to leave Jennie, the girl he’s loved since high school, and journey from Wisconsin’s lush farmland to the decaying inner city of Milwaukee to prove himself as a professional firefighter.”
Greg will also be signing his book this coming Tuesday, July 23, 7:00 pm at Roscoe Books
2142 W. Roscoe St.
Chicago, IL
More information about Greg Renz and his book can be found at
We would like to thank our one of our sponsors for making this episode possible Les Café Pancake House
We would also like to thank The Green Witch Juice Bar & Cafe for allowing us to use their cafe’ to record the program.

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