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Weather Update – January 30 Dangerous Windchill Levels Down to -50 Below Through Thursday. Chance of Snow Thursday Night 1-3″

If there is any day where you need to demonstrate cold weather safety to the max, it is Wednesday. The Arctic air will be fully entrenched over the region. Temperatures will likely remain in the negative double digits area wide for the entire day, with record all-time cold lows and highs possible. In addition, with winds still blowing throughout Wednesday, wind chills will be to dangerous levels of -45° to -60° in the morning and -35° to -45° in the afternoon.

With extreme cold arriving, it’s time to put into practice your weather-ready knowledge! If you must be outside, even if only briefly, please plan and dress accordingly. A Wind Chill Warning is in effect this evening through Thursday morning for all of northern Illinois and northwest Indiana. Wind chills of -30° to -60° will occur.

One of if not the coldest nights and early mornings in weather history is likely in store Wednesday night-Thursday morning. Diminishing winds and clear skies over extensive deep snow cover will set the stage for temperatures to plummet to the 20s and 30s below zero area wide. In fact, there is a distinct possibility that a new Illinois state record low will be set at a location in interior northern Illinois west of the Fox Valley. Rockford is forecast to break its all-time record low if it doesn’t happen Wednesday morning and it could be very close for Chicago. Despite the lighter winds, it will still be dangerous to spend time outdoors with such extreme cold temperatures if not dressed properly.

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