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The Bill and Kali Show Veteran’s Day, Sunday, November 11 at Applebee’s Grill & Bar Valparaiso

This Sunday, November 11, Applebee’s Valparaiso at 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm we will be joining many of our veterans and active duty military personnel as they enjoy their free meal.

Every year we visit with some of the bravest and most dedicated people we know, our service veterans and active duty personal, as they share their stories of how they served this country with valor and dedication.

All of these stories will be shared at a later date on The Bill and Kali Show Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and iTunes. We will also be sharing these stories on our radio show on WVLP-LP 103.1 fm in the near future as well.

Below you will find additional information on the Applebee’s Veterans Day Meal;


Free Meals For Veterans & Active Duty Military 
on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11th, Applebee’s® is on a mission to serve one million meals to neighborhood military heroes. For the 11th year, all veterans and active duty military are invited to visit their local Applebee’s® on Veterans Day to enjoy a free full-size entrée from a selection of eight fan favorites.


Classic Bacon Cheeseburger
6 oz. USDA Select Top Sirloin
Chicken Tenders Platter
Double Crunch Shrimp
Fiesta Lime Chicken
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad
Oriental Chicken Salad
Three-Cheese Chicken Penne

The Bill & Kali Show View All

A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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