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The Bill Moran Show/Recovery Radio Wednesday, March 7, 2018 11:00 am School Safety Panel Discussion Part I Mental Health and Bullying Todd Willis – Porter Starke, Stephanie Stephenson Porter County Substance Abuse Council and Denise C. Koebcke – Valparaiso Community Schools 12:00 Recovery Radio Todd Willis – Porter Starke WVLP-LP 103.1 fm


Wednesday March 7, 2018

Tune in to WVLP-LP 103.1 fm at 11:00 am Wednesday March 7, 2018 or stream live at or find us on your TuneIn app. Broadcast live via Facebook Live and YouTube

11:00 am The Bill Moran Show – School Safety Panel Discussion Part I / Mental Health and Bullying Guests Todd Willis – Porter Stark, Stephanie Stephenson – Porter County Substance Abuse Council, Denise Koebke – Valparaiso Community Schools  Student Leadership/Climate Coordinator LEAD Coordinator, Youth Outreach Coordinator Caring Place The panel will discuss adolescent mental health as it relates to school safety. Please note this will be a part of a much broader and inclusive panel discussion that will span over the next three weeks.

Note: There is much discussion about legislation pertaining to gun control and background checks. We do recognize the opinions pertaining to gun control as an important factor to improving school safety. Our panel member discussionions will surround what is being done today by both law enforcement and school officials to maintain and  improve school safety as a team. We realize there is much controversy to both of these topics. Our intent is to inform and reassure the public that there are measures in place to protect staff and students and that these measures are constantly being reviewed and updated. 

School Safety Panel Discussion

March 7 – Part I Adolescent Mental Health and Bullying

March 14 -Part II  School Safety Measures – Members of the law enforcement community and administrators from school districts in Porter County discuss the measure in place to assure the safety of students and staff. (These discussions will be pre recorded)

March 21 – Part III Summary – Members of the law enforcement community, school administrators and mental health professionals summarize their discussions on school safety

12:00 noon Recovery Radio – Host Megan Johnston welcomes guest Todd Willis of Porter Starke. They will discuss the formation of the Treatment/Recovery Committee, how it started and their current roles.

Rebroadcast of both shows will be on Saturday, March 3, 2018 

  • 6-7 pm The Bill Moran Show
  • 7-8 pm Recovery Radio

Look for our Facebook live today at 11:00 am


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