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News Shorts Weather and Sports for Thursday, March 1, 2018


Weather Update for Thursday, March 1, 2018 – Rain and Wintery Mix – Active Flood Warnings in the Chicago Area


Check here for the latest in school closings or delays


(AP) Teacher barricades himself in class, fires gun; no one hurt


(AP) Walmart, Dick’s expand corporate rift with gun lobby 

Walmart and Dicks’s ristricting the sale of assault rifles to minors, yet experiences backlash from the pro-gun rights group. These two giants in the retail industry stepped up and took action to help keep youth safe, yet will suffer the price. 


(AP) Hugs, tears and police: High school reopens after shooting


(AP) Putin boasts of new Russian nuclear weapons

As we spent time exchanging rhetoric with a county who had little if no nuclear development experience, we ignored the clear and present danger.  


(AP) Russian election assault poses quandary for 2018 campaigns

Yet no directive has been given to our secretary of defence to act proactively to protect the 2018 campaigns


(NWI Times) Sunday alcohol sales finally a reality in Indiana

Yet our state ranks one of the highest in the nation in per capita substance abuse cases and overdose deaths.


(NWI Times) Opponents wage another challenge to Indiana Dunes State Park pavilion project








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