News Shorts Weather and Sports for Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Weather Update for Tuesday, January 30, 2018

 Check here for the latest in school closings

US releases ‘Putin list’ of Russian politicians, oligarchs

Putin states that release of the list is hostile action by the Trump administration. 

(AP) Republicans vote to release classified memo on Russia probe

(AP) Trump to herald economic progress in State of the Union

 (AP) Child experts: Just say ‘no’ to Facebook’s kids app

Seriously: Just say ‘no’ to Facebook’s app period. Our society must find a way of socializing without giving cadence to those who should be seeking therapy, yet use Facebook as a platform to show they truly need therapy. Between presidential tweets and those who should be medicated, social media has turned into one large platter of dysfunctional adults parading their inability to function as mature adults.  

 (BBC) CIA chief says China ‘as big a threat to US’ as Russia

 (NWI Times) Should Indiana increase its smoking age to 21? House panel says yes

(NWI Times) Michigan City man found guilty of child seduction, not guilty of rape






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