News Shorts Weather and Sports for Monday, January 29, 2018


Weather Update for Monday, January 29, 2018 – Light Snow showers Monday morning upto noon

 Check here for the latest in school closings

(AP) Just as the Hollywood award shows this year have been dominated by the Time’s Up movement, the 60th annual Grammy Awards became a platform for artists to address sexual harassment and abuse, but also President Donald Trump, immigration and gun violence.

(AP) Victims’ families: Jealousy drove car wash shooting suspect

 (AP) GOP senators call on Trump to show restraint in Russia probe

 (AP) AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s half-baked claims on climate, economy

 (BBC) Fitness tracker Strava lights up military base

We may have to instruct soldiers on use of GPS enabled devices and apps when they are deployed for their own safety and for security. 

 (NWI Times) Marc Chase promoted to editor at The Times

Great move for the Times Media Comp. Marc Chase has been a guest on The Bill Moran Show in the past. Marc has an amazing talent to paint a very vivid picture of everything from human interest to public corruption. Perfect choice for Editor. With Mr. Chase’s leadership, look for an aggressive investigative approach as the Region continues to root out corruption with and intense and unforgiving prejudice. 






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