News Shorts Weather and Sports for Thursday, January 4, 2018


Weather for Thursday, January 4, 2018 Windchill Advisory in Effect Today. Dangerously Low Windchill -14 below.

(AP) Strength of Iran protests uncertain after a week of unrest

(AP) Trump left ‘furious,’ ‘disgusted’ by Bannon over new book

(AP) Huge swath of US hit by winter storm bringing, snow, cold

 (AP) Storm slaps coastal South with most snow in nearly 3 decades

(AP) Japan’s Abe: N. Korea should change course, end nuke program

(AP) Defense wants Trump voters in jury pool for Kansas bomb case

 (AP) Iran says Trump’s ‘absurd tweets’ have incited disruption

 (AP) Manafort sues Mueller, Justice Department over Russia probe

(The Bill Moran Show) “Crime in the Shadows” 1st Panel Discussion on Domestic Violence, Sexual Aggression/Misconduct and Rape Broadcast

(The Bill Moran Show) Update – Lake and Porter County Shelters for Displaced Individuals







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