Lake and Porter County Shelters for Displaced Individuals


Information for Displaced Individuals

Christmas is 1 ½ days away. As we all scramble to get our Christmas shopping done, and make sure we have all the fixings for the huge feasts we tend to prepare, let us not forget the less fortunate who have been displaced for various reasons.

There are many in Lake and Porter County who will be sleeping in cars, underpasses and boxes since they are not aware of the shelters in the area. Please show the true Christmas spirit and help them get to a shelter. Just this morning a friend bought a homeless person a cup of coffee this morning. If you do not want to assist, call the non-emergency numbers for your local law enforcement agencies or sheriff’s departments.

Non-Emergency Numbers for Sheriff Departments

Lake County Police Non-Emergency (219)660-0001

Porter County Police Non-Emergency (219) 477.3000

The following is a list of shelters for displaced or homeless individuals in Lake and Porter County. If you know of any shelters not listed, please leave the information in the comments. In addition, I believe there are a few churches and halls that serve a Christmas meal on Christmas day. If any of you know of these places, again leave info in the comments.

It will be cold and snowy on Christmas Eve. Let’s show some heart and help our fellow humans out.

You can also check with the minister or priest of the church you attend. Many churches in the area will provide temporary shelter for these less fortunate. In some cases, churches will have a fund for a hotel room for displaced individuals.

Lake County

  • Rescue Mission – Men’s Shelter
  • 519 State St.
  • Hammond, IN
  • (219)932-5085

  • Brother’s Keeper
  • 2120 Broadway
  • Gary, IN
  • (219)882-4459

  • Calumet Township Emergency Shelter
  • 1900 W. 42st Ave.
  • Gary, IN
  • (219)880-4900

  • Catholic Charities Gateway Housing
  • 940 Broadway
  • Gary, IN
  • (219)886-3549

  • Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Gary
  • 176 S West St.
  • Crown Point IN
  • (219)879-9312

Porter County

  • New Creations Men’s Shelter
  • 2102 Calumet Ave.
  • Valparaiso, IN
  • (219)286-7061

  • Gabriel’s Horn – Family Shelter
  • 792 McCool Rd.
  • Valparaiso, IN
  • (219)364-8018

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