News Shorts, Weather and Sports for Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Weather for Wednesday December 13, 2017 – Snow in most area 1″ and greater that 1″ in Porter and LaPorte Counties

(BBC) Doug Jones has become the first Democrat in 25 years to win a US Senate seat for Alabama, after a bitter campaign against Republican Roy Moore.His unexpected victory deals a blow to President Donald Trump, who backed Mr Moore, and narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49. Mr Moore has so far refused to concede, saying “it’s not over”. Alabama’s special Senate election Tuesday is about either continuing the “Trump miracle” in Washington or allowing “decency” to prevail back home.

At the center is Roy Moore — “Judge Moore,” to his supporters. The 70-year-old Republican was twice ousted as state Supreme Court chief justice after flouting federal law, and now he’s attempting a political resurrection amid accusations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

(BBC) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged leaders of Muslim nations to recognise Jerusalem as the “occupied capital of the Palestinian state”.

Addressing a summit of the Organisation for Islamic Co-operation, he said the US decision to recognise the city as Israel’s capital was “null and void”.

Mr Erdogan also again accused Israel of being a “state of terror”.

(AP) In less than 24 hours, authorities say a would-be suicide bomber’s botched attack on a Manhattan transportation hub underneath Times Square became an open-and-shut case after a search of his apartment and hearing the suspect’s own words.

(NWI Gazette) December 12, 2017-An Indiana State Trooper was hospitalized earlier today after a routine traffic stop turned violent. According to a release from the Indiana State Police, Trooper Morgenn Evans made a routine traffic stop for a traffic infraction near the intersection of Park and Jefferson Streets in Jeffersonville. “During the traffic stop Oscar Kays became combative and pulled a handgun and shot at Trooper Morgenn Evans. Trooper Morgenn Evans was struck in the head but was able to return shots at Oscar Kays while he was fleeing the scene. Trooper Morgenn Evans got back to his police car and gave chase a short distance but Oscar Kays was able to escape and returned to his home on Huston Drive where he was taken into custody by the Jeffersonville City Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department” the report continues.

 Lake Central Superintendent Larry Veracco recommends drug testing for  teachers in the same way bus drivers and some students already are. Heightened awareness across the region has many schools districts asking the same question.

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