See what I did there?

Bill Moran

Three things that I never dreamed I would do in my life time;

  • Host a two hour music show
  • Host a weekly talk show
  • Produce a show that reaches out to those struggling with addiction.

I have now done all three within a five month period. I look back in shock and disbelief. I will be the first to admit, thanks to nerves, my abilities as a talk show host are lacking and need a great deal of polish and work. Don’t count me out yet, I’m working on it.

This Tuesday will mark a milestone for one of these three projects. We will air the third on the list, “The Walk“, A Story of Addiction, Recovery and Hope. When you listen to the show on Tuesday, you will hear a former heroin addict narrate their life story from beginning to end accompanied by a great selection of music that best depicts the seasons of their life. Our hope is that someone listening to the broadcast, subsequent podcast and YouTube video, will find hope in the message and seek help.

Every month and hopefully more often, we will have a different guest host tell their story. Periodically our steering committee will take the place of the guest host to talk about a variety of topics including resources available both locally and nationally.

Please tune in on Tuesday, September 19 at 5:00 pm on WVLP-LP fm to listen to a story of hope. Even if you are not struggling with drugs or alcohol the message will defiantly have an impact you. If you can not tune in, look for The Walk on iTunes or YouTube a day or two after the airing.

I can not thank those who have been supportive of this project enough. Particularly the following;

  • Recovery Work of Merrillville, IN
  • Vertex Tactical of Valparaiso, IN
  • Marti Masterson
  • Clinton Worthington
  • Chie Kosik
  • Kelly McCarty
  • John Daly

We also would like to thank Clinton Worthington for allowing us to use his artwork.

If you would like to support the production of “The Walk“, please go to the GoFundMe page The Walk  Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

We would also like to thank our steering committee for their guidance and support;

  • Valerie Thorn – Recovery Works
  • David Bartlett – Recovery Works
  • Megan Johnson – Recovery Connection
  • Jaime Rogers – Heartland Recovery
  • Allen Wright – Frontline Foundation, Inc.
  • Rich Schmidt – Living Hope

We also would like to thank WVLP-LP 103.1 fm for their support in the production of The Walk. Particularly Gregg Kovach and Paul Schreiner for their trust and support.

There are others who for various reasons will remain unnamed. They know who they are.

I am extremely humbled and grateful for this opportunity to serve the community and to live a childhood dream. Thank you all for your support!

Have a great day.  Tomorrow can always be a wonderful day.

Bill Moran



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