July 25th Guest Dr. Sandy Goldberg, Nationally Recognized Nutritionist, Veteran Media Personality and Founder CEO of the Silver Lining Foundation


July 25, 2017 at 5 pm – We are very excited to welcome Dr. Sandy Goldberg Nationally known nutritionist, veteran media personality, Founder and CEO of the Silver Lining Foundation.

Tune in to listen to our discussions about the changes in the American diet and how the numbers on obesity and diabetes are rising at alarming rates. We also talk about other poor choices that us Americans seem to be taking, such as energy drinks (as well as other caffeine drinks), sugary sodas and fad diets. We will also spend time talking about Sandy’s passion, the Silver Lining Foundation, a foundation that helps provide cancer education, awareness and advocacy. We have been a big fan of Sandy since her early days on NBC. We are looking forward to her visit with great anticipation. Please tune into WVLP-LP 103.1 fm or stream live at WVLP.org or listen live on the TuneIn app or website.

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