Thank You Jon Snyder, and the Three Veterans, Thomas Coggins, Brandon Antkowiak and Bryan Wilson

We would like to thank Jon Snyder the Porter County Assessor for giving us a very good overview of how property taxes and the assessed value is calculated in Porter County.

A special thank you goes to our three Veterans, Thomas J. Coggins, Brandon Anthowiak and Bryan Wilson for sharing their stories with us. We learned of not only what drew them to serve our country, but the problems they encountered and continue to encounter after their homecoming.

All three told stories of how the Department of Veteran’s Affairs not only lost their service records, but how they were tossed into a sea of red tape when trying to obtain medical care. They also told of their continued problems even after the Veteran Access, Choice Act of 2014. Even after the subsequent amendment to the act in 2015, which remove the provisions for access, our veterans are still waiting for quality medical care from the VA and it’s non VA healthcare providers.

Here are some helpful links that were discussed during the interview.

H.R.3230 – Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014

“Coming Back” with Wes Moore PBS – Veteran Facts

Watson Institute – Brown University “Cost of War”

Institute of Medicine – Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan

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